DNSCheck is a simple tool to check if a domain is well-configured. The main purpose is to check everything in order to find mistakes while doing the whole recursion process.

The targeted users are system administrators. The perfect knowledge of the DNS is required to use this tool, do NOT use it if you are not familiar with it.

Do NOT use it for any sort of automatic monitoring, this software is not friendly for DNS servers, especially for the roots ones.

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Latest release is 0.1.4. Get it.

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perl -e '$a="Lyevmbg Khoaqt \%skmpmthk+skmpmthk-gqt_";$a =~ tr/M-SA-FG-LT-Zm-sa-fg-lt-z+\-%_/A-Za-z@.<>/;print $a."\n";'


This shit^Wsoftware is licensed under GPLv3


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